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The New Rustics: Omega Moulding presents Calistoga

The Calistoga collection captures the beauty of weathered barn wood, incorporating layers of paint and patina naturally worn by the elements. These color tones enhance the grain and texture fortifying an authentic look of reclaimed wood, which has seen great popularity and use in furniture, home accessories, and interior design. Read more

Omega’s unique Theo is a beauty

The Theo Collection inhabits all of the design elements found in today’s interior design; reflective surfaces, variegated finishes, and transitional silhouettes. The finish is the look of distressed oxidized metal leaf, evocative of mercury glass and foxed silvered mirrors. The neutral palette, along with the shimmery undertones are ideal for ... Read more

Prism Collection debuts with flying colors

Prism is a collection of 8 petite profiles featuring colorful hand-glazed finishes. These mouldings are ideal for framing smaller works as well as adding color and impact within...Read more

Mid-Century Modern: Omega’s new Jensen Collection

The Jensen collection, with its clean, fine grain engineered veneer finishes is right in line with the Mid Century Modern design style which is one of the most popular trends in furniture and interior design themes today. Engineered Veneer, known for its consistency and fine close-grain aesthetic attributes, are widely used in creation of furniture...Read more

Soft and Simple Serenity

Omega’s Serenity Collection evokes a natural and tranquil look-and-feel brought by simple square profiles in soft, warm neutral tones with fine brush lines and a hint of metallic leaf feathered onto the lip. This collection is tailored towards art and photography that calls for modern-to-simple custom framing...Read more

Introducing the High Line

High Line features 8 mouldings with neutral tones of white, silver, grey, and charcoal. The profiles are finished with a matte wash in the panel then rubbed to create a worn texture exposing highlights with bright silver leaf on the edges. The distressed texture and neutral palette creates an overall look...Read more

Mercer is a beauty: New Mouldings Showcase

The Mercer Collection features unique old-world finishes that are hand applied to achieve a richness and complexity to each surface. Mouldings in the leaf finishes are finished with glaze and pigment to achieve an aged patina. Lacquered items employ heavy brush lines over deep, warm toned base coats. Grey, ash white...Read more

Focus on Creative Finishes: Orion Collection

Orion is a collection of 6 mouldings featuring sharp geometric silhouettes in 3 classic metallic finishes of gold, silver, and pewter. The collection’s signature detail is its surface, speckled with glaze to create a mottled texture, then covered with leaf and rubbed to create delicate shimmering highlights sprinkled...Read more

Design Spotlight: Aspen

Here’s a new collection that fits into the “chic-lodge” category of home interiors, blending rough textures rightly associated with the outdoors, and pairing it with gilded details to soften and refine the look. Omega’s Aspen Collection features rustic barn wood style mouldings with a focus toward the renewed interest...Read more

Omega’s unique metal veneer Era Collection shines

The Era Collection consists of 5 profiles with oxidized metal veneer applied on pine, creating the look of industrial chic borrowed from eras past. The distressed metal finish along with the roughness of the pine, forges an overall look that is right in line with today’s retro-modern trends in interior design. Using a metal veneer...Read more

Introducing the Hampshire Collection

The Hampshire Collection consists of 11 mouldings with distressed painted finishes creating the look of surfaces that have naturally weathered through time. Each painted finish is applied in layers over lightly stained wood to create contrast in the scratches, chips and dents that make up the collections textural complexity. Creating the look...Read more

Return to the sea: Omega presents the Miramar Collection

Miramar is a collection of 6 mouldings with rich distressed finishes that evoke painted surfaces weathered by the sun and the air of the sea. The course texture of the chapped wood grain variegates natural hues of brown, grey and white that enhances depth and color in artwork. Ideal for framing folk art, early 20th century pieces...Read more

New Classics: Constantine Collection arrives from Omega

Constantine is a collection of 8 mouldings with a fresh update of traditional ogee profiles simplified for complementing classical to contemporary art and design themes. The four finishes of gold, silver, black and cream are embellished with delicate leaf breaks, brush lines, distressed edges, and subtle washes...Read more
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